What is the thermal insulation of pipes in an apartment for?

If the insulation of heating pipes in an apartment is not a mandatory procedure, then the insulation of cold water pipes can be very useful. This will protect the pipes from condensation and, as a result, corrosion.

Do I need to deal with "sweating" pipes?

Individual air humidity is characteristic of any room. When the room temperature rises, the water in the air turns into steam. In order for this transformation process to occur, the temperature must drop.

Since the HVAC pipe in the bathroom is the coldest point in this room, condensation will always form on it.

To prevent the accumulation of moisture, it is necessary to prevent the contact of the cold surface of the pipes with moist warm air. For the realization of this task, moisture-resistant sealed pipe insulation is best suited. These are peculiar shells for different diameters, which are put on top of dried pipes and fixed with special materials. This type of thermal insulation provides effective protection against condensation and also looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

What material should I choose for thermal insulation?

The optimal choice for insulation of HVAC pipes can be shells made of foamed polyethylene. The closed air-porous structure of this material makes it an extremely effective heat insulator. Foamed polyethylene is characterized by low thermal conductivity, elasticity, flexibility and resistance to moisture.


A good plus of such a material is additional sound insulation, which minimizes noise during pressure drop in pipes. Foamed polyethylene is also resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage, and the pipe shells themselves are easily mounted with their own hands.

Foamed rubber is an equally popular material. Its finely porous closed cellular structure demonstrates excellent thermal insulation efficiency. Among other advantages of such material , one can distinguish:

  • Low hygroscopicity and vapor permeability, which guarantees reliable protection against condensation on HVAC pipes for a very long time without any damage to the insulation;
  • Excellent adhesive properties to different types of surfaces for the best tightness of thermal insulation on complex surfaces and in hard-to-reach places;
  • Long service life and the possibility of reuse of pipe shells;
  • A high degree of elasticity and flexibility, as well as a wide range of different diameters, make the installation of insulation as simple as possible in any areas;
  • Resistance to gorenje.

Armacell Oneflex foam rubber insulation it has no unpleasant odor, does not emit toxic substances, is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. Pipe shells look aesthetically pleasing and do not attract too much attention.