Isolation of the outlet with two blanks of Armacell Oneflex sheet insulation

To insulate the outlet (corner) of the pipeline with sheet rubber insulation you will need a correct and clear instruction and a head to make several calculations.

Measure the inner radius of the tap r by lowering the perpendicular line down to the intersection with the horizontal line. Draw these lines from the outer sides of the two welds. The point where these two lines intersect gives a reference point of radius r. This is the inner radius of the bend of the tap. Draw two lines at a distance equal to the thickness of the insulation along the vertical and horizontal sides of the sheet, as shown in the figure. Determine the circumference of the pipe using a strip of Armacell Oneflex material of the same thickness as the thickness of the material to be installed.


Divide the circumference of the pipe in half and mark this size on the Armacell Oneflex sheet.

Draw two arcs on the sheet with radii r and (r ½ c) from the intersection point of the lines t’. r = inner radius of the elbow ½ c = half the circumference of the pipe t’ = thickness of thermal insulation (mm) ¼Ø = a quarter of the outer diameter of the pipe outlet.

Cut out the first blank for the knee. Using this blank as a template, cut out the second part.

Fold the blanks together. Apply insulation glue to the outer edges. Wait until the glue dries a little (use a "finger test"), then, placing the workpieces on a flat surface, squeeze them together on one side to make a small seam.

Then press the edges of the workpieces together from the opposite side. Then move from the edges to the center. Gently and firmly press the remaining open area of the seam, connecting the edges together.

Turn the workpiece over and gently squeeze the seam edges from the inside of the knee so as to achieve a tightly glued joint over the entire seam surface. Apply insulation glue to the edges of the inner seam of the knee.

Place the resulting blank on the pipe. Apply the glue, wait until it dries, then gently squeeze the edges of the seam together, also moving from the edges to the middle. Glue the resulting knee with insulation on the pipe using the "wet gluing" method, mounting the latter so as to provide a small insulation pressure on the seams

You can buy Armacell Oneflex sheet rubber insulation from 6 to 50 mm thick from us, as well as accessories that you will need for proper and high-quality installation: glue for sizing technical insulation and for additional tightness – rubber tape.

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