We isolate pipes with pipe insulation

Insulation made of foamed synthetic rubber is the most flexible and easily installed insulation of all existing insulation materials.There are several options for pipe insulation using Armacell Oneflex pipe insulation

Isolation of new pipes by "putting on" insulated pipes

In principle, the thermal insulation material in the form of tubes can simply be put on the pipe outlet / knee.

However, when putting the tubes on bends / elbows with bends of a small radius, there is a risk that the insulation tube will be squeezed at such a bend, which will reduce the thickness of the insulation in this place.

In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, this can lead to the fact that the calculated thickness of the thermal insulation layer will decrease, i.e. condensation may begin on the insulation surface. When installing self-adhesive tubes, there is an additional risk that due to increased stress in the bending area of the pipe, the seams may disperse.

In this case, the following recommendations may be useful: If the insulation bends at the bend of the pipe and the adhesive seam is squeezed, it is necessary to cut this section of insulation into suitable segments using a template.

Attention: Do not try to pull the Armacell Oneflex tube along the pipe, as this may cause it to rupture.
Always push the tube through the pipe by squeezing it. 

Insulation of existing pipes by cutting and gluing the longitudinal seams of pipe insulation

Use a sharp knife. Hold the knife at a slight angle to the tube, cutting it lengthwise along the entire length.



Put the cut tube on a clean pipe; use a brush to apply glue to both edges of the cut in a thin, even layer. Glue the tube in sections of 200 mm, along the tube.



When the glue has dried a little, check the degree of its drying with the help of a "finger test" - if the surface does not stick, then it can be glued.

Without allowing the seams to close, align the edges of the tube, connect them to each other and squeeze hard and gently to complete the bonding.


When making elbows and tees from Armacell Oneflex tubes, it is necessary that the thermal insulation tubes be cut at different angles.

In order to speed up and facilitate this process, on each box with Armacell Oneflex pipe insulation printed a special template that can be cut and used in work

  1. Place the Armaflex template face down on a table or work surface.
  2. Align the Armaflex tube parallel to the underside of the template.
  3.  Select the desired cut angle on the template and cut along this line.


The yellow lines show where the incisions need to be made. To measure the angle correctly, use the Armaflex template placed on each box with pipe insulation.

No other insulation material can be installed as easily and neatly as a very flexible pipe isolation from Armacell Oneflex foam rubber.

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