Insulation for sewer pipes

The presence of different noise in the apartment can not only be caused by loud neighbors behind the wall and sewage pipes, which constantly drained the water from around the door. To solve this problem is possible and necessary. Will assist you in selecting the optimal solution. There are some classification noise. Thanks to her, selecting the necessary material for a particular room or apartment as a whole.

Types of noise:

  • airborne noise can arise from barking dogs, shouting, TV. It's the noises that float through the air;
  • shock – for example, the sound of heels on tile or hammering a nail into the wall. Strikes that takes on some of the design elements of the building and transfers it into the room;
  • structural – arises from the vibration from the communications in the house, as well as the mechanical influences of the objects with the walls. It could be the noise from the flushing, operation of the Elevator, knocking on batteries.

Sewer pipes are a source of structural noise. Sound insulation is made by taping these tubes are special materials, which reduce vibration from the walls of sewer pipes. You can also replace the old pipes on silent, but it is handy when you have to repair from scratch, plus they are not cheap.

The optimum background noise for tenants is 50-60 dB. Not infrequently it happens that this rule is exceeded and, over time, can affect not only the psyche, but also on the physical health of the guests. The noise also affects the height of the building and the location of the apartment.

For example: the residents of the lower floors of apartment buildings will experience the most discomfort.

Has influence and material of sewer pipe: cast iron or plastic, which greatly transmits noise from water flow and reflects the vibrations that arise.

The main purpose of sound insulation sewage – to reduce noise from the movement of water and to eliminate vibration from the structure during its use. Note that polyurethane foam is not suitable for high-quality insulation, because he ignores the sounds.

Mineral wool is more suitable for insulation of sewage outside or in the ground, not quite environmentally friendly for the dwelling. It insulates well, but not much eliminates the noise.

Costs for sound insulation depend on the quadrature and the insulating material. In order to reduce noise, it is necessary to reduce the contact between the slab and the pipe.

The use of foamed synthetic rubber will provide not only insulation from heat and noise, as well as a great deal with the condensate. After all, anyone don't need in the apartment of a fungus or mold. Rubber TM Oneflex has a number of advantages and is widely used in various fields, including for insulation of sewer pipes.

Rubber available in the form of pipe insulation is a multiple of 2m. p. or sheet. Thanks to its flexibility, it well follows the shape of the pipe and can cover hard to reach places.

Sheet insulation cut into pieces of desired size to wrap the pipe overlap. Then fix it with adhesive tape (rubber/PVC) or ties made of plastic.

 The advantages of the material:

  • prevents condensation
  • zvukousilitel pipe
  • flexible
  • not lit
  • prevents the formation of mold and mildew
  • long life
  • non-toxic
  • has a low thermal conductivity

Pipe insulation has a diameter from 6mm – 114mm, insulation thickness from 6mm – 32 mm.

The installation process:

first degrease the tube to ensure that the glue worked better. You can buy the material on a sticky basis, and then there is no need to further coat the surface. This will speed up the process of installation;

to avoid air bubbles, the insulation is rolled with a roller for better adhesion. The material should lie close to the pipeline;

for the best soundproofing effect, you can use 2 kinds of material: vibration and noise insulation. The first layer is applied to the vibration, and the top glued sound-absorbing material. This approach to isolation as much as possible will reduce the level of noise from the water;

use special clamps for fixing pipe to the wall.

At soundproofing material Tecsound already have a set of Pipe Insulation, which is designed for one bathroom with a ceiling height of 3.2 m. the set comes with the brochure painted a staged installation. Proper installation takes less than an hour. Will significantly reduce the noise of the sewer pipe. The kit consists of a soundproof material, reinforced tape adhesive, plastic ties, glue and a brush to it.


  • eco-friendly
  • quick installation
  • effective soundproofing
  • the lack of extra dirt when installing
  • guaranteed results


The use of modern acoustic and sound insulation materials will allow you to significantly reduce the noise level. You will no longer respond to the continuous sounds from the drain water in the drain. As you can see, installation of sound insulation can be done independently without the help of a specialist. The choice is yours: a daily discomfort from noise in the sewer riser or a solution to this problem by using sound insulating materials.

Anna Lozenko