Insulation for air conditioning systems

For restaurants, offices, industrial buildings and apartments will be set different air-conditioning system. Apartment owners can choose air conditioning independently, and for public places it is better to seek help from professionals, because it affects the quality of cooling of the premises and the operation of the system for many years.

To cool one room will fit a split system. A conventional air conditioner has two units: external and internal, which is installed indoors. These units are connected by copper pipes.

Multi split system - connect up to 5-6 indoor units to one outdoor. This system can simultaneously cool several rooms. Suitable for apartments with several rooms and small offices.

For shops and hypermarkets will fit multizone system. It can count up to 80 indoor units. There is also a type of cooling, when the system is not circulating the freon, and water. Place it on a medium to large objects, has its own pumping station.

In air conditioning systems using copper, aluminum or polypropylene piping. Copper is best suited for refrigerant (freon) is a gas, which ignites in air and is not explosive. The freon takes the warm streams of the cooled object and reduces the temperature of the supply air.


Whichever option you choose, there are a number of nuances. There is a problem of condensate on the surface of the external channels. Resulting drops of water can eventually damage the surface, both floor and ceiling coverings. Condensation reduces the lifetime of the channels and after some time may cause them to defect. Choosing the right insulation will prevent condensation. Special emphasis should be given to insulation thickness.

Another nuance of the air-conditioning systems is the noise. Penetration of air through the pipe can create noise. Channel isolation outside will reduce the noise coming through the wall of the channels. Insulation also reduces the power loss of the equipment.

As insulation suitable foamed rubber. It has a closed pore structure. Air conditioning system it is important that the insulation was low in conductivity. This material is moisture and is not afraid of temperature changes.

To a range of benefits include:

  • a reduction in heat loss up to 70%
  • thanks to the closed and small porous structure reduces the noise coming through the tube
  • non-flammable
  • resistant to moisture and vapor-permeable
  • easy to assemble
  • resistant to mildew
  • has a long life


Inner diameter Oneflex insulation (Armaflex) from 6 mm to 114 mm.
The wall thickness of 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm. comes in the form of tubes with a length of 2 M. p.

Thickness 6 mm suitable for copper refrigerant pipes, which have a diameter up to 10 mm. Typically, such a thickness is used for the apartments during the installation of a split system.

Thickness 9 mm – insulation tubes for low and high temperature regimes.

The wall of 13 mm are used for air conditioning systems for industrial pipes.

19 mm is used for domestic and industrial air conditioning systems, where hopping temperature interval.


During installation, in addition to the rubber insulation, you will need glue for technical insulation and PVC tape black or rubber. Savings on insulation is not appropriate, because it will impact in the future on the functioning of the air conditioning system and its operating period. Correct insulation will prevent condensation and reduce the risk of losses of equipment.

Since pipe insulation is often located outdoors, it must be protected from UV exposure. And perfectly done by a simple Teflon tape Benda Vinil.

We have a wide range of insulation for air conditioning systems. Our specialists will help You to choose the right offer and at the best price!

Anna Lozenko