Insulation of pipes of large diameter

In order to understand what material needed for the insulation of large diameter pipes, it is necessary to understand - what is this pipe and what they meant.

Large diameter pipes are, as a rule, the main pipe with external diameter from Ø 530mm. Mainly, pipes of large sizes are used in the construction of oil pipelines and gas pipelines, water utilities, heating systems, sewage facilities. I just want to mention that in Ukraine in Khartsyzsk until 2014 produced large-diameter pipes. Khartsyzsk pipe plant was the only plant in the Soviet Union, producing large diameter pipes.

In General, the large diameter pipes include products with outer diameter of Ø 530mm above, but we start from diameter Ø 114mm, since, in practice, experts in the installation of engineering systems are quite often faced with the problem of rendering pipes of this diameter and above. The maximum diameter is not particularly limited, the industry produces pipes with size up to Ø 3020 mm , and even more if necessary.

Depending on the purpose of the pipes is chosen the type of insulation material with appropriate specifications. As a rule, engineering services, heating systems, water, sewer pipework laid underground, it is important to choose the insulation material to adhere to the technology of installation!

In this paper, we consider variants of thermal insulation solutions that can be applied for large diameter pipes. Also look at how to choose the insulation thickness for pipes of large diameter and how to calculate the necessary quantity of insulation sheet, according to set parameters – length of the pipeline and the thickness of the insulation, where the diameter of the pipeline exceeds the available market sizes of pipe insulation.

For solving problems for thermal insulation of large diameter pipes, typically used by:


Mats based on mineral wool

For the insulation of large diameter pipes are widely used lamella mats with a thickness of 25-100 mm, with a coating of foil, which can withstand temperatures up to 250°Cand the basalt stitched mats with thickness 50-100mm with galvanized or stainless wire, which are fire resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 700°C , respectively, can be applied to any high temperature pipelines.

When laying mats of mineral wool it is forbidden to flatten or condense, as under the action of mechanical loads wool loses its characteristics. On top of the pipeline covering to protect the wound fiberglass that will be used, and as a fastener and as a protective barrier. Also as a protective layer for pipes with large diameters of insulation used FSS-insulation, foil fiberglass, the protective coating of the Silver Guard , and a galvanized steel sheet.

For large diameter pipe commonly used insulation mats to small width in which the pipe is sheathed on the perimeter. Please note during installation the material should be stacked close to each other. For attachment can be used binding wire or heat shrink tape. Followed by additional insulation, in which also there is a foil layer.

Generally, mineral wool is used as insulation pipes with a diameter of Ø50 mm. Therefore, the selected insulation thickness 50 mm – indoor, and 100 mm for the street.

Basalt cylinders

This pipe insulation based on basalt wool, made in the form of half-cylinders, which, by design, repeat the pipe. Mainly used for pipe diameters less than 50 mm.

Insulation for large diameter pipes consists of two, three or four parts(shells).

Installation of the cylinders is as follows:

  • These parts draped tubing around the perimeter
  • Then applied as fasteners heat shrink tape, binding wire, reinforced tape Duct Tape or construction tape
  • All joints and seams of foil cylinders are glued with foil tape

If this insulating material is mounted on the outside, it needed protective material – FSS-insulation, foil fiberglass, the protective coating of the Silver Guard or galvanized steel sheet.

Insulation foam rubber

Rubber insulation pipe is a new approach to solving problems associated with reducing energy losses. Insulation rubber is of two types – sheet and tube. Why two different options?

Roll option is used as a pipe insulation for large pipes (for pipes above Ø114мм), and also for insulation of industrial equipment, reservoirs, tanks, ventilating systems, steam lines, valves and fittings. Sheet insulation foam rubber has a thickness ranging from 6-50 mm , and released multiple 1 m2. Comes with an adhesive layer or without it, with foil coating or without.

For mounting and connection joints can be used rubber tape to cold water supply or PVC tape in heating and hot water.

The company's products "Sanpreis" has the quality certificates and other permits, and meets the basic criteria when choosing insulation for large diameter pipes.

Solutions with the correct materials throughout the life of the equipment, while retaining its characteristics.

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