How to choose the right rubber sheet insulation

High-quality foam rubber sheet insulation is the best solution to the problem of heat loss and condensation accumulation in sewerage and water supply systems. The specificity of sheet insulation suggests its use for the protection of pipelines, air ducts and ventilation systems of non-standard shape or large diameter inside and outside the premises. The advantage of this material is also that sheet insulation is suitable for noise and sound insulation of residential, office and commercial premises, as well as vehicles.

To understand whether sheet insulation is suitable for you for a specific task or not, you can consider the basic properties of the material itself – foam rubber, which:

  • resistant to water and steam penetration
  • it does not burn, but fades out
  • safe for the environment
  • resistant to the effects of atmospheric phenomena
  • It has an operating range from -50℃ to 105℃
  • it is not subject to the harmful effects of mold, fungi and bacteria
  • it has a low thermal conductivity
  • absorbs noise

To make the right choice, you need to decide which of the varieties of sheet insulation suits you.


Types of rubber sheet insulation

When choosing sheet insulation, you need to start from where exactly it will be used. Rubber insulation comes in different thicknesses: 6/9/13/19/25/35/50 mm. The optimal thickness should be chosen depending on the tasks and application. You can always get detailed advice on choosing the thickness of sheet rubber insulation from SANPREIS specialists.

Sheet insulation made of foam rubber can be of the following types:

  • Without an adhesive layer, it is the most budget-friendly and versatile material that can be used to insulate almost any air ducts, pipelines, gas pipelines, as well as premises, regardless of their purpose.



  • With an adhesive layer – the most popular and popular material, which is mounted without any additional accessories thanks to a reliable adhesive base.







Which of the options is right for you? Any of the varieties of rubber sheet insulation boasts high quality and durability. You just have to choose the type that will be the most convenient and appropriate for the implementation of the task. You can always count on the qualified assistance of SANPREIS specialists who will help you choose the right insulation based on your requirements, as well as provide detailed technical information for all materials.

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