Thermal insulation of the new generation-ArmaGel aerogel

Get acquainted with the new generation of aerogel thermal insulation technology:

  • Elastic and flexible
  • Eco-friendly
  • It has excellent thermal characteristics
  • Safe
  • High temperature conditions up to 650 °C do not cause any problems
  • Compliance with ASTM C1728. ArmaGel HT is a reliable solution for high temperature applications


Aerogel is so strong that it can stop a bullet, and therefore it was used by NASA to deliver a fragment of a comet to Earth.

This material has amazing physical properties — thermal and acoustic, as well as an incredible potential for use as insulation. As the name implies, an aerogel is a solid substance obtained from a gel in which the liquid component is replaced by air, making it dry and porous. In fact, more than 90 % of the volume is empty space, which makes aerogel the lightest solid material in the world. Its density is also 1000 times less than that of glass, so aerogel is a solid material with the lowest density.



  • Increased coverage area. New sizes and more options to choose from. The material with a thickness of 5,10,15 and 20 mm is available today. A thicker layer provides a larger area of insulation coating per person-hour of work than conventional aerogel insulation.
  • Reduce labor costs. The material is easy to cut to give it any shape with less waste, so it is very convenient for installers to work with it.
  • Reduce downtime.  Disassembly of the product is simplified, reducing downtime and eliminating the need to purchase replaceable insulation during regular maintenance cycles.
  • Excellent thermal performance.  It provides thermal characteristics 5 times better than insulation materials of other companies.
  • Water-repellent and breathable.  It repels water and at the same time does not prevent the outflow of steam, thereby helping the equipment to stay dry longer.
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light . Equal thermal protection over the entire thickness. Increased usability and easier transportation.
  • Universal.  Greater flexibility than conventional aerogel insulation materials.
  • Environmentally friendly.  It does not contain chlorine and is safe for landfill disposal. Thanks to our innovative LoDust technology, which reduces the formation of dust, so it is very convenient for installers to work with it.
  • Corrosion protection under insulation.  Hydrophobicity and breathability provide reliable protection against corrosion under insulation (KPI).

Scope of application

  • High-temperature pipes, tanks and air ducts
  • Shipbuilding, food industry, electronic industry, paint and varnish, pharmaceuticals, metallurgical and mining industries, textiles, tobacco and automotive industry.

We are always striving for innovative technical solutions in the field of insulation materials for energy saving and changing the world for the better. Aerogel allows you to make this desire a reality. Meet the future of isolation today and together with us!

Anna Voznyuk