Thermal insulation for steam pipes

One of the main design features of sewerage systems, water supply, gas pipelines and steam ventilation systems is the presence of pipes that require thermal insulation. On the lines of high-temperature communications with elevated carrier temperatures, it is simply impossible to do without a high-quality and reliable insulating layer. However, the question often arises: "What materials are suitable for the insulation of steam pipes, because the functionality and service life of the entire system as a whole will depend on the quality of the material?" Today we are answering the question of how steam pipes are insulated.

Materials for insulation of steam pipes

Perhaps, basalt fiber is considered one of the best options for thermal insulation of steam pipes in the modern Ukrainian market. The main characteristics of mineral basalt wool are high fire resistance, the operating temperature range is from -200 ° C to 650 ° C. The material is completely waterproof and has low thermal conductivity, which becomes a key aspect in the issue of steam pipe insulation.

The material is supplied in the form of cylinders consisting of mineral fiber, of different internal diameters (from 18 to 525 mm). They have a thermal conductivity of 0.04 W m K (at 25 ° C). Another advantage is the sufficient tensile strength, which is 0.032 m.

Depending on the scope of application, basalt thermal insulation can:

What basalt cylinders are suitable for

The main purpose of using such materials is the insulation of steam, heating pipes, chimneys. Basalt mineral wool is also suitable for thermal insulation of the water supply system, and contributes to the hydro and sound insulation of communications. The material is able to reduce the noise level by 20%.

The material is used indoors and outdoors, suitable for pipes with a coolant temperature from -200 °C to 650 ° C. The insulation thickness varies between 20-120 mm, and the density of the substance is 80-120 kg/m3.

How basalt thermal insulation is installed

Pre-select the cylinders of the required diameter. Please note: for large diameter pipes, it is better to buy foil cylinders, l amel and sewing mats in rolls. Basalt fiber thermal insulation is sold in rolls. 

The process of installing such insulating materials is very simple: installation is carried out using foil tape. It is delivered in rolls with a width of 50 mm, the amount of tape in a roll is 50 m. In order to calculate the necessary costs of foil tape for installation, it is necessary to measure the length of the pipeline and add from 10 to 30% to it. The advantages of such installation are speed, ease of work; the tape itself has a high degree of UV radiation reflection and significantly reduces heat loss at the joints.