How to choose outdoor trash ashtray

How to choose outdoor trash ashtray? This question often stands in front of the owner companies, offices, restaurants, clubs, etc. Because in order to not in vain to spend the money, I recommend to pay attention to several important points.

The material of the urn. Plastic is not only solid and cheap, but also short-lived. I recommend the boxes from stainless steel, they are stylish, resistant to mechanical damage. Their price is higher, but the lifetime thing. Examples of such models that I will mention below.

You also need to understand for what purpose you need the urn ashtray. Precisely exactly where You will set this up?

The boxes are:


If You only need the product to absorb and collect cigarette butts. Then definitely Your option ashtray bowl or outdoor ashtray.

Ashtray Cup – has a recess for collection of cigarette butts, ash and debris. Its height of 65 cm. On its walls you can extinguish cigarettes. The bowl doesn't take up much space, sustainable and stylish looks.

Outdoor ashtray – has a height of 83 cm, diameter 11 cm Top has a recess for collection of cigarette butts and ashes. This option is not suitable for garbage collection. Its installation is possible only in areas with Smoking. Despite the relatively miniature size, holds up to 1,000 butts. Due to this it can be installed in places with large human traffic, for example: shopping center, night clubs, airports.

If You need the urn for the collection of garbage and cigarette butts, we also have two models: with rim and with cylindrical bars.

Model rim has the shape of a cylinder, top dressed the rim with a hole for garbage collection. About the bezel, it is also possible to extinguish the cigarette, then to throw in the trash. The scope of the urn 27 l, it is suitable for offices and businesses, restaurants.

Cylindrical urn with a lattice – has a side opening for refuse collection. The urn has a top "plate" to collect ash and cigarette butts, which is closed by a lid with holes. This model allows to separate the stubs from the rubbish, what prevents its ignition.

Each model has its own characteristics and the choice should be guided by individual preferences, the functionality and location of the installation. All models are made of stainless steel which guarantees a long service life.