The word "hotel" originates from the times of Rus. "Goodies" was called the high road, which kept the way of the foreign merchants. The ancestors called them "guests."

Today hotels are divided into several types depending on their target audience:

  • for General type
  • for athletes
  • for tourists and holidaymakers
  • meeting

In Ukraine most of the hotels are aimed at people who come with the purpose of business trips or personal nature for a short time. That is, it is the hotels for General type. Most often they are located in the city center with good transport interchange. Single rooms can be up to 50% of the total number of apartments.

Each of hotels its own characteristics and there is a difference when you book the room for 2-3 days or for a few weeks. For example: rooms, resort-style should be a wardrobe bigger than any other rooms. They also have a network of cafes and restaurants. If we are talking about hotels for the athletes, then the main requirements will be the location in a specific natural environment for any sport or just accommodation near the sports complexes. There should be training facilities, the issuance of sports equipment and medical office. For meetings there is a special "conference hotel". Their peculiarity is the presence of specially equipped premises for carrying out of various forums, conferences, seminars.

The first thing that you notice upon entering the foyer of the hotel interior. It can be from modest to extravagant. Unlike private hotels, in the network design documentation spelled out all the details, down to the tint of the floor. The correct design depends on the functionality of space of the room. It includes a lot of nuances: the organization of comfortable accommodation for a large number of guests in the lobby area, the optimal height of the bed for quality of cleaning, lighting, security.

The bathroom is the main focus in addition to interior make for safety and comfort.

From the bathroom arrangement depends on the comfort level and the star rating of the hotel in General!

Minimum set, in addition to mirrors and sanitary ware - soap, glass for toothbrushes, toilet paper holder, the toilet brush, dustbin, made of fireproof material.

According to the sanitary-hygienic standards, litter bins are placed in the crowded places: in the corridors, the reception, the lounge and in each room.


The main task of the bins - waste, but it also includes aesthetic and integral part of any room and interior in it.

In addition to its functional features, the material used to make the bucket. If the house is more suitable plastic option for public places better stainless steel. For the bathroom would be the optimal bucket with pedal stainless steel TM "Maxiflow". Through this mechanism there is no contact with the cover, its a snug fit prevents excess odors. The advantage is not only in durability design, but also in easy maintenance. Also the material is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion.

For rooms in hotels will fit the bucket with pedal with a volume of 3 l, 5 l, 20 l Inside it is a removable plastic container for waste collection. It is easy to clean, goes back and is inserted into the system.

At the entrance to the hotel and in the places intended for Smoking it is possible to place the ballot box-an ashtray for cigarette butts.

There are several versions:

  • urn on a long stalk with a small bowl on top (cover is removable, under it there is a special container for ashes).
  • a cylindrical urn with a rim (comfortable with its functionality - two in one: refuse container and the upper rim, which is designed for extinguishing cigarette butts. Bezel easily removed and washed if necessary). Hole for garbage is in the middle of the rim.
  • urn of cylindrical form, on top of which is placed a bowl of cigarette butts. Inside the bowl vents that will not let to scatter the ashes. Compartment for collecting debris located on the side of the urn.


On site in places where people can be placed with a certain interval bins with swivel lid 5 l, 12 l, 32 l, 45 l Advantages – no need to touch the lid with your hands to open it enough mild shock. For the lobby you can buy an open jar rim with a volume of 5 l, 8 l or 12 l. No need to open the lid to the trash can to throw on the move. Bezel easily removed and quickly changing a garbage bag.

Debris and dirt is unacceptable for any hotel. Clean – the guarantee of comfort. To preserve cleanliness and order in all areas of the hotel are placed in different boxes depending on the needs of the area.

Boxes of stainless steel meet sanitary standards, is resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. You can buy them in the open and closed version.