Buckets for catering

Catering companies produce culinary products, bakery and confectionery products, implement or organize the consumption of these products. In these enterprises has its own characteristics and varied selection of products sold. Culinary products must meet certain government standards. In each catering facility is sanitary rules and technical specifications that are strictly enforced.

Catering establishments are divided into several types:

  • restaurant - this establishment has the list of wide selection of sophisticated dishes and a higher level of service
  • cafes – the type of like a restaurant, but with a limited menu
  • bar – the name speaks for itself this place where they sell a variety of alcoholic drinks as well as snacks and bakery products, various desserts
  • dining room – a public institution with affordable prices. Includes a range of dishes with a different menu by day of the week

Bars and restaurants have good interiors and comfort level, availability of the original dishes. The stylish interior is one way to attract customers.

Whatever the type of business, everywhere there is food waste and in large quantity. In connection with the sanitary-hygienic norms of garbage it is time to take out. Each company independently makes the garbage removal schedule based on their needs. After all, cleanliness should not only be in the middle of a restaurant or cafe, but in the surrounding area. In Ukraine there are sanitary norms adopted in 1991 for public enterprises. They relate to the requirements of the territory, water and sanitation, cleanliness in the room and also in the surrounding area and personal hygiene of staff. Failure to comply with these rules may be issued a fine or be imposed certain penalties. Can even close the restaurant for violations. According to the sanitary requirements, on the premises, in designated areas with cement or asphalt placed metal or concrete bins. Their content should not be more than 2/3 of the volume. Nobody wants to have rodents and roaches in the restaurant.

The catering can sort garbage. Because wastes consist not only of food residues, but also from used containers and packaging materials.

So purchased sorcery (containers for sorting) for multiple types of debris. Sorcery consist of garbage cans with different colors, each of which indicates the kind of garbage, for example: plastic, glass, etc. on sale they are on 3 or 4 compartments. Included with sortera can be different covers, depending on your preferences: solid or rim. Conveniently, all these containers are placed on a metal frame for a secure fit.

During a hike in a cafe, catering or restaurant you often can see the presence of stylish or regular trash can. It all depends on the level of the institution. Near catering can be regular concrete urn, while near the restaurant posted: urn-ashtray cylindrical shape with a side compartment for waste or bucket with a special rimin the middle of which is a compartment for garbage.

This is an elegant metal urn in stainless steel. Also for smokers can place in designated areas outdoor ashtray on a long metal stalk. In the middle of the bowl has a removable container that collects ashes and you can easily remove and clean.

For dining there is a special trash can with a rotating lid. Convenience in that you don't have to make the effort to open the cover, quite a little push. These buckets are a volume of 5, 12, 32, 45 liters. Or you can buy an urn with a rim 16 litres.

Indoors in the bathroom you can place a trash bin with pedal. It is designed for 3, 5, 20 litres. Thanks to the foot pedal you don't have to open the lid by hand. Inside the bucket, stainless steel is a plastic container with a handle. If necessary, it can be easily lifted and cleaned. An urn with a rim may be suitable for used paper towels.

The catering is a demanding one because of the quality of their performance depends on the comfort and health of visitors. To comply with hygiene standards, we offer a choice of urns of high quality stainless steel c long term