Plastic garbage cans: types, scope of application

Garbage collection is an integral part of our life. We deal with garbage all the time and it is extremely important to handle it correctly. We have been told since childhood that it is impossible to throw garbage directly into the street, especially since there are all kinds of garbage cans for waste collection.

The very concept of "garbage can" should be understood as a special container that serves to collect food, household and construction waste, and such tanks are made today mainly of high-strength plastic.

Types of garbage cans

All garbage containers can be divided into the following types:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • transport
  • press containers
  • containers of the buried type


Plastic containers. Scope of application. Features.

Plastic containers are very convenient and versatile means for collecting garbage. Of course, they are unlikely to be suitable for construction waste, but they are perfect for household and food waste.

Such tanks are made of high-strength plastic, which provides them with a long service life and overall ease of use. They do not weigh much by themselves, and this will allow you to move it to a convenient place for you. Such tanks can be found in the kitchen or in the utility room, they are also perfect for outdoor use.

Plastic trash cans most often have a lid and side handles. Which provides them with even greater convenience during operation. The lid allows you to quickly and securely close the tank, and the handles are convenient for moving it.

How to choose the right trash can

Of course, for an ordinary private house or apartment for garbage collection, an ordinary plastic bucket of a small size is also suitable. But when it comes to a large amount of garbage, for example, about the garbage of catering establishments, then you can't do with a small bucket. And it is very important to choose the right container for waste collection.

And first of all, what you should pay attention to is the volume. This parameter will depend on your volumes. Tanks for 70 or 90 liters can be considered quite versatile.

It is best to choose tanks with clamps on the lid. This will ensure the tank tightness, which will prevent the spread of an unpleasant odor in the place of installation of the tank and will not allow insects or animals to get into it.

As for the aesthetic appearance, this is far from the most important parameter. However, if the tank is in a public place, then it is worth paying attention to the appearance.

Advantages of plastic garbage cans

Previously, metal garbage cans were most often encountered, which may be stronger than plastic ones, but they themselves are much heavier and more inconvenient. In addition, such tanks rust quickly. If we talk about plastic containers, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • sufficient strength
  • ease of use
  • affordable cost
  • not affected by weather conditions
  • resistant to scratches and other damage


By throwing garbage into a special container, we will ensure the cleanliness of our environment.