Cleaning trolleys: purpose, types

Cleaning is something we face every day. In the office, at home, in shops, on the street - without cleaning, all this would turn into one big dump. However, everyone wants to facilitate this process. And one of the devices that can do this is a cleaning trolley. They are undoubtedly designed to facilitate routine work, as well as reduce labor costs, because with them cleaners cope with their tasks much faster. Of course, such trolleys are most often found in shopping malls and office buildings, but by and large they are created for such premises. It is strange to use such a trolley in an apartment with an area of 60 m2, where there is enough furniture and appliances without such a device. But for large rooms they fit perfectly, they are easy to handle, and they look quite attractive. But few people thought about the fact that even cleaning carts come in different models and with different functions.

Purpose of trolleys

Most people associate such carts with wet cleaning. But this is not all of its application. Such devices are also convenient for dry cleaning. After all, a cart with buckets is ideal for collecting various garbage. At the same time, it can also have garbage bags, as well as a stand for a dustpan and a broom.

You can also use the cart for the service. It can be used to deliver bed linen and other items, as well as to collect dishes from tables in a restaurant or hotel rooms.

If we talk, after all, about wet cleaning, then carts often have devices for pressing and fixing for a mop.

What is a cleaning trolley

The design of the trolley itself is quite simple. The whole product consists of: frame, wheelbase and buckets.

The frame is the main element of the structure. It is usually made of metal and equipped with a movable handle for easy movement.
The wheelbase consists of 4 swivel wheels with latches. There is no need to apply any special physical effort to control the cart.
Buckets. Most often, carts are made for two buckets. One for clean water, the second for spin. But in such a cart, instead of the second bucket, you can put various detergents. However, there are models for only 1 bucket.

There are models that are equipped with additional devices, be it a stand for a vacuum cleaner, a locker, a basket, a garbage bag, etc. And precisely, based on the design, all trolleys can be divided into: single-bucket, two-bucket and service (which have additional accessories).

When choosing a trolley, you should clearly understand the full range of services performed by the cleaning staff. Compact dimensions allow you to store the trolley in a small utility room, and when moving it will not cover the entire passage.

Cleaning trolleys are quite durable, do not require special care and are practically not subject to external factors. Of course, it is quite simple to break a plastic bucket, but because of this you will not have to change the entire cart, it will be enough just to replace the bucket.