Buckets for separate waste collection or how to sort waste at home

Sorting garbage is so necessary and not so popular yet in Ukraine. Although there are at least two reasons for sorting waste: concern about the environment and income. Yes, Yes, You heard not, the Europeans have long been paid to it. How? In this article I will tell how to sort garbage, that he was subject to the secondary treatment? And what fixtures you need. Well, let's go.

If You are reading this article then You are already halfway to the right solution. The first thing is to get the sorting buckets. Because the key sorting – proper storage and distribution of waste. In our assortment you can find sorting the containers into three or four compartments. They can be colored or satin. The variation covers can be: with cover, with rim, without cap, with hole for garbage collection, or with a swivel lid. Containers can be volume 55, 88 and 114 l (the amount is in one container). Each model is equipped with a frame to support all of the containers together with the labels. They glue to each container, and they indicate what kind of waste it collects. Of course, You can't get attached to these names, but not to the standard of organic waste include: glass, paper, metal, plastic.

Decide what waste you will be sorting, only then you will be able to choose a model with 3 or 4 sorting compartments. Then decide the configuration of the cover.

To sort by suit:

Paper – cardboard, checks, parchment paper, office paper, cardboard boxes, albums, paper bags, booklets and leaflets, Newspapers and magazines, etc.

Requirements: must not be wet processed (for example, trays for eggs), Tetra Paks and foil paper are not subject to sorting.

Plastic – plastic bottles, cans, lids from coffee cups, packaging products, bags, etc.

Requirements: must be no food debris, no dispensers, no stickers.

Glass bottles, broken glass, cans, etc.

Requirements: must be free of food residues is not suitable: light bulbs, glassware, window glass.

Metal tin cans, metal caps, cans and so on.

Requirements: must be free of food debris.

All these waste can be taken to special collection points. At first glance it seems that all this penny business, but You will be surprised what amount will be released in a year. It is not so difficult and requires a lot of effort. One has only to start and then everything will go his succession.

What to collect and how to do it properly - understood. If You, after reading this article, have not changed their intentions, rather then call 067-504-38-12and I will help You to choose appropriate containers. If You have decided which model is right for You, then we promptly process your order.