How to choose a vibrating suspension for the bathroom

In the process of renovation work, when it comes to the bathroom, you often think about using drywall slabs. First of all, using the method of dry repair, it is quite easy to align the walls and ceiling, make hinged structures or change the layout of the bathroom space. Naturally, not the last issue in the repair process is sound insulation, which is designed not only to suppress noise from your apartment, but also to save you from annoying household noises of different origins.

In the houses of the old construction at the design and construction stage, unfortunately, they practically did not think about the issues of sound insulation. And often you will find a situation where even a quiet speech or the noise of water from the tap in the next apartment is heard as if the sound source is at arm's length from you. In this case, modern sound insulation systems that suppress household noises, voice range sounds, animal barking and the sound from sewer drains will help. And for high-quality sound insulation, high-quality sound insulation systems and properly selected fasteners for them are needed. We will talk about which fasteners to choose for sound insulation.

What is a vibration isolation suspension

A vibration-suppressing suspension is a structure in the shape of the letter "P", which is designed to support plates of drywall or other materials, while not allowing extraneous noise to spread along the coating plane.

An insert made of a material capable of resisting vibrations is installed on the upper crossbar of the suspension. Often, polyurethane or simple rubber is used for the production of such inserts. The so-called Sylomer, produced on the basis of foamed polyurethane, is considered innovative. Developed by Austrian engineers, this soundproof material has a special structure with two types of cells: closed and open type. It is often used even for vibration isolation of active vibrating devices, which once again confirms the high efficiency of the substance as a part of a vibration suppressing suspension.

The rest of the structure is made of durable metal, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel can be used. The Sylomer takes on the sound wave and suppresses vibration, and the steel base provides a tight and reliable attachment to the ceiling or walls. The thicker the layer of the Sylomer material — the more effectively the sound wave is captured.

Variants of vibration suspension systems for the bathroom

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is worth considering several options for vibrating suspensions for the bathroom.

  • They consider it budgetary and at the same time effective an ULTRACOUSTIC system that can retain its properties for 30 years. The percentage of noise suppression is 25%. You can mount such a suspension on a wall or ceiling using conventional anchors.
  • A more advanced option designed specifically for ceilings is the ceiling suspension SHUMANET-CONNECT PP. The frame material is galvanized steel, and the cylindrical reverse stamping replaces the grover washer during installation. The efficiency of reducing the vibration load on the galvanizing is very good — the operating range is 14 dB.
  • The SHUMANET-CONNECT KS wall mount belongs to the premium segment of products, it is designed for the installation of frame wall coverings on a metal frame. The level of vibration suppression reaches 20 dB, and the material is anti-corrosion metal, which significantly increases the service life and makes the structure more reliable and durable.

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