Insulation of the apartment

In today's world, technology is not standing still. Sound insulating materials that were used in theaters and recording studios, you can now set yourself in the apartment, would be money.

Today we will talk about inexpensive but effective material for additional insulation of walls and ceilings. Despite the fact that this material is most often used for protection of engineering systems, experienced installers found a use in private construction.

Insulation foamed rubber is one of the affordable and reasonable price range of materials for quick sound insulation of the apartment.

Foam rubber is effective in eliminating noise of medium intensity: loud talking neighbors, the TV, crying baby, barking dogs or other household noises.


For good insulation, we recommend a rolled material of 19 mm thickness. And for ease of installation of the coil goes directly to the adhesive base.
The material does not contain in its composition harmful contaminants and has no unpleasant odor, respectively, and is not dangerous to human health.

It is used in the process of building new or renovation of old buildings as additional sound insulation pads interior partitions or load-bearing structures (construction machinery parts and elements, ceiling slabs, brick or concrete walls).

Sheet insulation comes in rolls with a width of 1 m Thickness are 6, 9, 13, 19, 25, 32 and 50 mm. the thicker the material, the higher the sound absorption coefficient.

Before applying to clean, align and ground surface. For gluing it is recommended to use special glue or a roll already with adhesive, and the joints to glue ribbon adhesive based on rubber. After the foamed rubber mount of rack and guide profile and cased with drywall.

The experience of our customers and can confidently inform about the effectiveness of foam rubber in the systems of noise reduction.

Voznyuk Anna