Soundproofing hotels

According to statistics, more than 70% of all complaints from guests in hotels concern the insufficient or ineffective insulation of the rooms. This is not the sound from the top floor (impact noise), and hearing loud conversations from neighbouring rooms behind the wall (air noise), and noise extraction from a neighbor, the noise of the engineering equipment, elevators, washing machines (structural noise), and more. All these reasons influence the decision of the guests to return or not to the hotel again? And this affects the popularity and commercial appeal of the whole object. Lack of comfort means regular lost profit.

That is the firstthing to consider in the design, construction, repair of the hotel or the hotel is providing a real acoustic comfort and effective insulation.

Secondthe compliance plate Fund hotel/hotel with international standards of sound insulation. It is also a question of the commercial attractiveness of the object. Currently, the hotel operator can't afford to save money on household stuff, then to get a hotel that does not measure up to the standards of the market has long been established leading market players.

More than half of all construction experiments in an attempt to save money in the end end alterations. In other words, the wasted time and money. Well, and, accordingly, new investments. And the best solution is the help of a specialist, for example, engineer-acoustics.
Our specialists often face the problem of poor sound insulation in hotels and hotels and can always find a technically correct solution.

Therefore, in the design, construction and reconstruction of hotel complexes and hotels need to pay great attention to sound insulation and acoustic comfort in rooms and in public areas.
No wonder leading hotel operators such as Inter Continental Hotel Group, Hilton Hotels, Accor Group, Global Hyatt, Marriott International and others, for decades, used not only DBN, but their acoustic standards that regulate the issues of building and architectural acoustics.

Here are some figures, taken from them:

  • the index of the minimum sound insulation between two rooms should be 52 dB
  • the maximum allowable noise level in the bedroom, the rooms of category 3 stars in the night (according to DBN B1.1.31:2013) — 30 dBA
  • the noise level in technical premises, premises for entertainment purposes (restaurants, meeting rooms) of the hotel complex reaches 90 dBA


Effective soundproofing is a guarantee of comfort and quiet in the hotel room or the hotel. Unfortunately, there are often trying to save money without thinking for the future! What is the financial damage it may cause to the hotel complex and in particular its owner? Luxury furniture, interior design, perfect order and cleanliness, quality service and maintenance staff — all these advantages for the client can nullify the floor, walls and ceiling of the room, through which any sound from neighbouring rooms and corridor.

One of the most effective solutions for sound insulation of walls and ceiling in the hotel is the arrangement of the frame and facing the inner walls of sheets of drywall between rooms and other premises (kitchens, corridors, restaurants, technical premises). Construction of soundproof partition consists of several layers of materials with different properties, structure and density: the soft layer of sound-absorbing acoustic wool will Somanet, Aculate and hard facing layer of drywall sheets increased bulk density Saundlayn-GCLA. Due to the different density and structure of materials achieved effective sound insulation and maximum absorption of noise in the room.
Thus in contrast to conventional walls of concrete or aerated concrete, insulating partitions are higher for the same thickness, are easily and quickly assembled on the support frame that guarantees rigidity and stability of the structure must be made of metal profile with a minimum thickness of 0.55 mm. Easy installation and excellent acoustic performance make frame-obshivnye of a partition walls and ceilings, the most efficient option for sound insulation of the hotel. The construction frame is mounted on the wall or ceiling using vibrotraining and vibrapods will Somanet-connect, which provide breeding acoustic lining to walls and ceiling. Design hangers and wall mounts will Somanet-connect is made on the basis of the polyurethane elastomer, whereby the vibration and structural noise in places of fastening are not transmitted to the walls and ceiling, will be formed the so-called "acoustic bridges of sound".

For soundproofing hotel quick and easy installation is one of the main factors in the choice of material. Also a simple and easy installation analogue sound insulating partitions in the market — soundproof sandwich panel. Is a complete solution for soundproofing walls and ceiling frameless method of installation. While frameless acoustic insulation system have excellent sound insulation performance, which they are often used in hotels and hotels.

In our market they are presented ZIPS panels:

ZIPS-Vector (index additional insulation airborne noise ΔRw = 9 — 11 dB)

ZIPS-III-ULTRA (the index of the additional airborne sound insulation: ΔRw = 11 — 13 dB)

ZIPS-Module (index additional insulation airborne noise ΔRw = 12-14 dB)

ZIPS-cinema (index additional insulation airborne noise ΔRw = 16-18 dB

Sandwich panels consist of a soft noise absorbing material and mounted on a wall, and then sheathed with sheets of drywall.

For zvukoizolyatsii floor in the hotel, you can also use sandwich panels:

ZIPS-POL Vector (provide 32 dB of isolation of impact noise, 6 dB to 8 dB -air)

ZIPS-GENDER Module (provide 38 dB of sound insulation, 7 — 9 dB — air)

panel Sometop-techno premium class (provide 41 dB of isolation shock).

Also for sound insulation in floor constructions "floating floor" on the market are high-performance materials with optimum dynamic modulus of elasticity:

  • fabric made from chemically cross linked PE foam XPE (provides 28 -32 dB of sound insulation in the design of the screed depending on the thickness). Effective and inexpensive material is XPE, due to the closed-cell structure, does not shrink in contrast to other polymers used for insulation of the screed;
  • Board Akufloor S-20, manufactured by special technology of glass fiber (provide 36 — 41дБ sound insulation of noise in construction with screed depending on thickness)


Soundproofing of the hotel is not extra costs, as profitable investment, proportionally affect the number of customers of the hotel. Appreciating the quiet and comfort of the rooms, customers will want to come back to you again and again!


Sergey Yatskevich

We are often faced with the problem of poor sound insulation in hotels and Inns and help you to choose the technically correct solution.