Soundproofing offices

Office space, like any other, needs to meet certain requirements DBN and have excellent acoustic characteristics for effective performance of its tasks the office staff.

It is important everything from room layout, furniture placement to interior interior design. But one of the important issues influencing the efficiency of staff, is the soundproofing in the office.

Typically, office space is a lot of people in a small space, and often a lot of noisy equipment and conversations. To work in these conditions all day for 8 hours is very difficult. It primarily affects the sensory system, respectively, the productivity is reduced. As a result, a good leader should think about the comfort of staff and to minimize the noise level in the office.

In the design, construction and renovation of office space, appropriate attention be paid to sound and vibration control offices, working rooms and workplaces in the areas of open space.

When the device of sound insulation between office space requirements apply DBN:

acceptable equivalent sound level when performing highly skilled work requiring concentration, according to the sanitary norms DBN is up to 60 dBA.

the average sound level standard of speech at a distance of 1 m from the speaker - 57,4 dB, and the recommended index of sound insulation between offices and technical premises should be 68 dB.

The main problems of sound insulation and acoustics in offices are:

soundproofing between adjacent offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and working rooms (insulation of office and partition walls; soundproofing ceilings and floors);

sound and vibration isolation of engineering equipment: reduction of noise from ventilation and air-conditioning, noise, server rooms and other adjoining technical rooms (vibration refrigeration equipment, insulation, chillers, protection of the backup diesel generators, container generators);

soundproofing between jobs and the creation of acoustic comfort in premises open space (sound-absorbing office partitions, suspended and acoustic ceilings, sprayable);

acoustic comfort in meeting rooms, conference rooms and halls.


Riversof mendacii for acoustic baffles


Property type

*Index insulation R © w, dB

**Insulation index Rw

Basic gypsum Board partition without special requirements for sound insulation



Gypsum Board partition for conference rooms and private offices



The wall of glass with no special requirements for sound insulation



Glass partition for meeting rooms



Partition with the highest demands on sound insulation




* - the desired index of isolation is achieved in situ

** - the minimum passport index construction insulation obtained in the laboratory. When this value is provided, the index determined in natural conditions, as required by DBN and international standards.

Extra attention should be paid to the selection of soundproof doors, the lack of transit passage communication with a large diameter and other indirect routes of transmission noise.

Requirements for acoustic comfort (sonority, the reverberation time T, h) according to common standards Cisco Telepresence induced in the table below. Requirements provided for the given reverberation time in the empty spaces.

Property type

The reverberation time, sec.

Individual offices up to 40 m2


Offices open space


Meeting rooms of 25 m2


Cafes, Lounges >50 m2


Meeting rooms



The above requirements are achieved by the presence in the room sound-absorbing surfaces that are not less than 70% of the floor and placed on the ceiling or walls.

For large open space usually sufficiently uniform placement of absorbent surfaces on the ceiling Board sound-absorbing screens.

For meeting rooms with an area of less than 30 m2, preferably even distribution of acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls (covering at least 30% of the area of the wall - accommodation in the centre of the wall on two non-parallel walls at least. On the ceiling not less than 30% of the ceiling area).

Below we present possible options for sound deadening materials:


Panel "Soundboard" 15 ... 20 mm for the frame with infill plates "Akulite-Neo" 50 mm Total cost of materials - about 750 UAH/ m2 without any editing.

Coating "Sonaspray" is Applied directly to the ceiling. Recommended spraying the entire area at open space, corridors and other public areas. Color - white, gray or black. The estimated cost of 1400 UAH/m2 on a "turnkey" installation.

Acoustic ceilings and wall panels of various types of "Ecophon". Cost from 300 to 2500 UAH/ m2

Panel Decoustic - recommended for walls. The cost 3600-4500 UAH/ m2.

Acoustic panels wood wool "Troldekt". The estimated cost of 700/m2

Large-format perforated gypsum boards Saundlayn-Acoustics. Estimated cost 500 UAH/m2

Soundproofing office space from qualified specialists of the company "Sanpreis" will create the ideal conditions and acoustic comfort and to minimize noise in the office, which in turn will increase efficiency of your staff.

Sergey Yatskevich