Soundproofing shopping centers

Why is it so important soundproofing in the shopping center and other commercial use?

Important soundproofing shopping and entertainment complex, namely the use of modern technologies of sound and noise to create a pleasant environment in the premises of the shopping center.

Acoustic materials are primarily designed for public commercial use: shopping centers, cinemas, recording studios, concert halls, lecture halls, meeting rooms, office space, sports facilities and Nightclubs. These are public and should be designed for being a large number of people.

The exploitation of the shopping center in European countries shows that the more comfortable from the point of view of acoustics (less noise) shopping center, the more time it spends the visitor-the buyer. It is therefore of great importance, soundproofing shopping and entertainment complex – the use of modern technologies of sound absorption, sound insulation and correction of sound to create a pleasant environment in the premises of the shopping center. Profit shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, cinemas and other tenants of the Mall depends on the comfort of visitors, including acoustic. Here is the formula:

less comfort = less residence time visitors = less than average bill

Various studies of acoustic comfort and the reactions of people on his show about the lack of similar data about the maximum stay of guests in these complexes up to 40 min.

Why is this happening? Acoustic discomfort affects the overall state of the touch system of the person - people in such circumstances get tired quickly, there is irritability and the desire for a change of scenery, a break from the stress and noise, and just walk away. First of all, this is true for objects where the quality of sound is the basis of business – shopping and entertainment centers, conference halls, concert halls, night clubs and so on.

Similar objects with uncomfortable acoustics are simply ignored tenants and visitors.

How to improve acoustics in commercial premises?

Ensure a good acoustic environment in such facilities is the use of professional acoustic materials according to the recommendations of engineers and acoustics.

Let's look at some different types of materials for acoustics, which are currently on the market:

Wood fiber acoustic panel

Panels manufactured from wood fibers and pressed together with white cement. Wood panels are used when it is important not just to have a presentable interior, but also to ensure good acoustics. Panel easy to be assembled and painted and allow to implement any design ideas. The base size 1200 * 600 mm thickness 15 mm.
Panels are used in shopping malls, and concert spaces, and constructions of sports appointment, which require physical resilience.

Acoustic wool always acts as additional absorber noise in such structures and is installed between the profiles, that is, the frame method.

Key benefits:

  • perfectly improve the acoustics of the premises
  • shock and moisture proof
  • any physical damages are easily rectified. That is why are used in sports, conference halls and shopping malls.

It should be noted that acoustic materials are decorative and therefore will easily fit in any design.

The sprayed material based on cellulose flakes

This method of soundproofing is designed to correct the acoustics - especially for shopping center, sports facilities, concert and conference halls, classrooms. What is a correction of the acoustics is the noise reduction and gulasci in the premises.

A special unit sprayed it on every surface, mixing in the coating process, the cellulose flakes with a special glue. Using this method avoids the difficult and costly work of covering up or painting an unsightly reliefs on the ceilings of large halls in the Mall and different audiences, because the coating is the finishing and decoration. And the cost of application is included in the cost of the material itself.

The availability of various colors and textures gives scope for design decisions.

Also another problem is the large number of engineering equipment. Sound and vibration isolation of engineering equipment is the reduction of noise from ventilation and air-conditioning, and other adjacent technical facilities, sound insulation of refrigerating machinery, insulation, chillers, etc. While the objects of protection - adjacent to engineering units it stores, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, entertainment complexes, and administrative offices in the SEC.

For solving the problems of vibration isolation schemes for engineering equipment are applied, such materials of the family of elastomers made from polyurethane as Sylomer and Sylodyn, and spring isolators Isotop and vibrapods Vibroplex M8.

It is important to understand that poor room acoustics are the SEC ultimately results in lost profits of the tenants, the landlords and disgruntled visitors that never became customers.

We need to distinguish three main areasthat should be given attention when designing acoustic solutions for the SEC:

  • full or partial soundproofing "noisy" areas – cinemas, bowling alleys, clubs, attractions: the vibration of the floor, creating a noise-absorbing partitions
  • the decrease in noise of systems of ventilation, refrigeration chambers and other equipment, as well as soundproofing of the adjoining technical rooms
  • creating a comfortable acoustic environment in the main areas of shopping Mall: galleries, atriums, play areas, restaurants and cafes

Remember that the more comfortable the buyer feels at the Mall, the higher the likelihood that he was going to stay and make more purchases.

Selection of materials for sound insulation Mall from qualified specialists of the company "Sanpreis" will create ideal conditions for shopping and entertainment and to attract buyers.

Sergey Yatskevich