Technical insulation

Pipe insulation is designed for insulation of pipes for various purposes, it increases the life of the pipeline, reduces heat loss and ensures safety of use.

Insulation foam rubber
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Pipe insulation in the shell
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Insulation based on basalt
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Protective coating
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Sound insulation of engineering systems
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Technical insulation

Technical insulation is one of the main directions of our company. To choose the right insulation, to provide a worthy replacement, calculate the thickness of the protective insulation layer and accessorize, that's our main goal!

We cooperate with:

  • project organization
  • customers
  • installers
  • individuals

The main purpose of technical insulation for protection against condensation and heat loss!

Before you choose your insulation are required to provide details:

  1. System type (heating, water, cooling, ventilation, etc.)
  2. Conditions (street/room/basement)
  3. The temperature regime of the external environment and in the coolant
  4. If this is very important: a group of combustibility NG G1 or
  5. Dimensions (diameter, length)


For almost all systems except steam, perfect insulation from foam rubber. Its temperature range (-50... 105ºC), Flammability group G1, a wide range (insulation pipe and sheet, coatings and without adhesive and without), affordable price (from 5 UAH/RM.m) satisfies all conditions when choosing insulation. This isolation is successfully applied on large civil facilities, and many industrial facilities.

If the system is outside of the room and the temperature reaches above 105ºC – ideal insulation based on basalt. This primarily basalt cylinders, which come in foil and uncoated lamella mats (with foil, easy to install) and stitched mats. All products on the basis of basalt work well in the temperature range up to 250ºС. If the temperature reaches 700 ° C – comes to the aid of the piercing Mat.

A wide range of accessories to help make installation quick and easy. Our range includes PVC tape, rubber tape, adhesive tape foil and adhesive for bonding the joints of the insulation.

A protective coating will help protect the surface of the insulation from mechanical damage. For sheet and pipe insulation of foam rubber offers a heavy protective coating of the Silver Guard, foiled fiberglass (no adhesive layer) and the foil with the adhesive layer.

If you need pipe insulation to protect pipes with diameter up to 35 mm in strips communications (walls, floors) before casting the screed – insulation in a protective shell of red and blue color will always help You!

Our facilities and projects

The main issuesaddressed to us by our customers:

  1. Insulation of heating systems
  2. Pipe insulation for pipes in Underfloor heating systems
  3. Insulation of cold water supply
  4. Selection of insulation for steam pipes
  5. Insulation for ventilation systems and air ducts
  6. Insulation for air conditioning systems
  7. Insulation of refrigeration units
  8. Insulation of pipes of large diameter
  9. Why insulate pipes
  10. Insulation of sewer pipes
  11. Pipe insulation and protection against condensation
  12. Insulation of water supply systems and heating
  13. Insulation of steam pipes and pipes with high temperatures
  14. Thermal insulation and cryogenic refrigeration equipment
  15. Heat insulation of pipelines in food industry
  16. The thermal insulation of refrigeration equipment
  17. Insulation of engineering systems in shipbuilding, automotive, etc.
  18. Insulation of pipelines in petrochemical industries
  19. Soundproofing and fire safety


Book a miscalculation, to do quickly and accurately the selection of insulation by phone: (067) 325 35 31.

We work with clients for many years because of our competitive advantages: flexible price policy, availability of stock, the delivery of the objects, experience, and proper selection.