Soap dispensers wall mounted plastic

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Soap dispensers wall mounted plastic

Plastic soap dispenser wall type is mounted on double-sided tape.


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If you are looking for soap dispenser wall type, but drilling the wall well does not want. The Turkish manufacturer Maxiflow wall is a great option, but it is mounted on double-sided tape. The sticky layer is located in three places for better adhesion to the wall.

It is made entirely of abs plastic. There is a special top cover, raised that, you can add soap inside the dispenser. Below to be pump, it is also made of abs plastic. The volume of products 500ml.

Compact size and economical rate makes this model the ideal solution for any room.

Scope of applicationI: hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, public toilets in the shopping centers, medical and educational institutions, gas stations, beauty salons and so on.

Purpose: dispenser
Mounting: wall
Application: liquid soap
Color: white
Material: ABC plastic
Volume: 500 ml
Mounting: double-sided tape
The key: no
Packing: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
SKU: HD.42.4718.B.Y

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