Дренажный водоотвод


Drainage tray STANDART

The STANDART series surface drainage system belongs to the load classes A15, B125, C250, depending on the choice of the grid itself.

Drainage tray MEDIUM

Drainage trays belong to the load class B-up to 12.5 tons per 1 sq. m. and are equipped with grilles made of composite plastic, reinforced with carbon fiber.

Drainage tray HEAVY

The drainage trays of the HEAVY100 and HEAVY200 series are supplied complete with high-strength cast-iron slotted grilles and steel sides with hooks.

Drainage trays LITE

The linear drainage with a wide variety of gratings for use in the private sector.

Drainage trays with grid SLOT

The narrow Slot grid with a width of 136 mm has a load class of A 15.

Plastic drain tray PROLINE

Street tray for collection and drainage of rainwater and meltwater in areas load not exceeding 25 ton (class A-C).

Plastic sand trap

The sand catcher is installed to protect the storm sewer from clogging with sand and small debris.

Plastic rain receiver

The rain receiver is designed for local collection of rain and meltwater.

Roadside pallet

A plastic tray is installed to collect water and dirt before entering the outside and inside the room.

Street ladder

The street ladder is designed to collect and drain rain and melt water from the outdoor drainage system into the sewer.

Roof funnel made of polyurethane

Roof funnels with PVC and bitumen apron.

Parapet funnel made of polyurethane

Parapet funnels with PVC and bitumen apron.

Parapet vortex (side)

Polypropylene funnel for flat roofs, terraces, balconies.

Parapet funnel made of PVC

Designed for drainage through the parapet to the gutters.

Drainage funnel for PVC membranes

For connection to a vertical drain in the roof itself.

PVC aerator

They are used on flat roofs together with PVC membranes.

Aerator pitched

Aerator for a pitched roof with shingles.

Corner joints for PVC membranes

For mounting PVC membranes in the outer and inner corners.

The extension element to coping vortex

The extension element consists of gratings and corrugated throat with the bolt inside.

Ring adapter between the aerator and the ladder

Ring adapter with a connection diameter of 100 mm. ladder

Street ladder with cast-iron grate

Ladders with a cast-iron grate can withstand a load of up to 1500 kg.

Double-hull ladders for balconies and terraces

With a pressure flange and a bitumen membrane, they are used to divert rain and industrial water.

Plastic gutter - Trickling

A gutter to drain water in the right direction.