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Shower tray Maxi Legal

The shower tray has a vertical flange for wall mounting, also, the body, flange and grate made of stainless steel AISI 304

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Shower channel series Maxi legal (code 4053) – the perfect solution for those who want to equip the shower area with the installation of a drain near the wall.

Package of shower channel:

  • Case (vertical flange)
  • Legs
  • Shutter (double water seal)
  • Grille (supplied in protective polyethylene film)

* The product is Packed in a cardboard box

This series differs from other vertical flange. This implies the installation between the walls and the floor (wall mounting). The advantage of this installation is the slope of the floor. It is produced in a single plane to the wall and the flowing water is not poured into other parts of the shower area. The flange also acts as a guide for laying tiles.

Housing, flange and grille of this model is made of stainless steel AISI 304. This positively affects not only the strength characteristics of this model, but for the life of the product. The thickness of the steel grid 1.5 mm Siphon, the legs and the stopper is made of durable polypropylene.

This pan has a horizontal outlet connecting pipe 50. Bandwidth 32L/min ensures rapid removal of a large volume of water from the surface of the tiles. Ideal for installation on level, the tile tray has two height adjustment. The first is the adjustment legs (86-115mm). The second height adjustment grid. On its inner side you need to twist the side of the washer.

Inside of the chute has a double seal which prevents the ingress of sewer odors in the room.

Series Maxi legal has the lattice pattern: “rain”, “square”. Lattice “wave” and “tile” are available on request.

Tray length: 60, 80 cm (on request 33, 40 and 50 cm)

1-stainless steel housing.AISI 304c steel with a vertical flange
2-siphon made of ABS plastic
3-mounting legs made of PP
4-double water seal made of ABS plastic with a sealing rubber band
5-the lower part of the grid is made of stainless steel.AISI 304 steel
6 – the upper part of the grid is made of stainless steel.AISI 304 grade steel


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