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Shower channels series Pro Line

Shower trap with grid "tile".


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Series Pro Line offers an unlimited number of solutions for bathrooms with various options of surface and design.

The series offers standard options, such as the engaging element, one-piece housing without welds, flange of stainless steel, which provides good fixation at the cement screed height adjustment in 8 different points.

Elegant and contemporary design, this series is ideal for the style of "loft" or "minimalism". And in those areas where You want to create a unique design.

Types of siphons:
1. Horizontal output, h=60cm, capacity 42 l/min (storage position)
2. Vertical output, h=30/80cm, capacity 48 l/min (under order)
3. Horizontal output, h=80cm, capacity 60 l/min (under order)


The advantages of this series:

  • universal solid grid or "tile"
  • thin, almost invisible edge
  • easy to clean thanks to easily removable grille
  • solid metal case with stainless steel – excellent for tough conditions and high speeds of water flow
  • siphon swivel 360º and steady legs make it easy to perform the installation


Main coating color:

  • brushed chrome (storage position), chrome gloss
  • gold gloss, gold satin
  • bronze gloss, bronze satin
  • black gloss, black satin
  • mirror


  • grating, trench drain and plug of stainless steel;
  • hair net plastic;
  • mounting plugs – foam;
  • a set of bearings from foam;
  • compromisei S shaped trap made of polypropylene;
  • additionally, you may order diaphragm valve ("dry" trap).


diaphragm valve

mesh to collect the hair




Grid width: 61mm.
Flange width: 42mm.
Mounting height: 81mm (for horizontal siphon) and 47mm (for vertical).
Length: 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 cm

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