The traps for the soul with a spirograph

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The traps for the soul with a spirograph

Ladder with trap high throughput and flange-with spirograph for extra waterproofing.

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The traps for the soul series SDS differ from other models of traps siphon with high capacity, and the presence of the flange of the spirograph, which performs the additional function of waterproofing.

Types of grids:

The advantages of this model:

  1. Versatility. Height adjustment ensures compatibility with different thickness of the finishing coat. A combined water seal effectively prevents odours from the sewage, and a hairnet and dirt will quickly clear the drain.
  2. Flange-spirograph. The housing ladder with a spirograph will have a strong bond with the concrete and insulation. This guarantees high quality result even with the thinnest coating.
  3. Different enclosure options. The developed model siphons allow a large flow of water in a short time.
  4. Easy to clean. If necessary, the grille and the filter can be pull out and brush away accumulated mud.
  5. Hidden frame. The stainless steel grille is surrounded by a thin and hidden frame allows for a virtually seamless finish.
  6. Comfort of use. An alternative to the plastic filter can serve as a dry shutter (diaphragm valve). This option is required for the laying of the Underfloor heating system and those showers where seldom is drained of water (the guest).



Example of installation:

Package contents:
- grid made of stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 3mm;
- neck, flange and siphon are made of high quality polypropylene;
- grid for collecting hair and dirt;
- compromisei S-trap is made of polypropylene: horizontal release, Dn=50mm, H=60mm, throughput 42л/min, installation 3600;
- optional: a horizontal siphon 60L/min and vertical siphon 48 l/min; a diaphragm valve (solid gate).

Grating size: 10x10 and 15x15 cm
Drawings of lattices: Nova, Aqua
Types of lattices: square
Color: matte satin, gloss, gold
Capacity: 42 l/min




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