Contactless door handles

Nozzles on door handles for contactless door opening.


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Contactless handles for safe door opening in public areas.

The product is easily attached to any door handle without any devices. Allows you to open doors with your wrist or forearm without interacting with the surface.

Main advantages:

  • antibacterial structure
  • ergonomics of design
  • high quality durable raw materials
  • easy to mount, only need a screwdriver
  • bright color to attract attention
  • protection against direct contact with the virus

Contactless handles are used for manually operated doors, cabinet doors, etc.

Where are they used:

  • shopping malls
  • hospitals
  • food industry
  • school
  • residential buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • business centers
  • public and private buildings

The kit includes 2 handles for the front and inside of the door. Can be purchased from 1 pc.
Suitable for door handles with a diameter of 18-22 mm.

Material of manufacture: high-quality plastic
Size: suitable for handles with a diameter of 18-22 mm
Color: Yellow
The set includes: contactless pen - 2 pcs
Manufacturer: Turkey
Packaging: cardboard box

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