Children's toilet seat Cocuk 0307

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Children's toilet seat Cocuk 0307

Children's toilet seat made of thermoplastic cover with lifter Cocuk NKP 0307.


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Child seat Cocuk 0307 made of thermoplastics using the latest technologies to ensure a high level of safety and comfort of the child.
Model 0307, undoubtedly, the perfect solution for both home and kindergarten.

Package contents:

  • seat
  • studs (2pcs)
  • decorative patch of plastic (2pcs)
  • nuts (2pcs)
  • lifter (2pcs)

Seat fasteners with the Cam gives an opportunity to put distance between fasteners in the range of 120 to 175 mm, and if necessary to push the cover forward or Vice versa to push back.

Mechanism smooth lowering (Microlift) will not allow the lid to fall on small fingers when closing.

  • Material: thermoplast
  • Color: white
  • The presence of microlift: Yes
  • Product width: 288 mm
  • Product length: 310-350 mm
  • Distance between mounts: 120-175 mm
  • Manufacturer: NKP
  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Guarantee: 2 years manufacturer's warranty

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