The drain button is oval

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The drain button is oval

Oval-shaped drain button with two drain buttons for 3 and 6 liters.


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Flush keys for flush mounting are made of high-quality plastic. The key is the only visible part of the flush-mounted tanks. The simplicity of the form and the original color scheme will harmoniously fit into any interior. 
It has two buttons: for large and small drain. The button for a large drain has a size: 75 x 54mm, and for a small drain 50 x 54mm.        
The key panel has a surface treatment that prevents the formation of scratches on it.

Key size: 260 x 167 x 13 mm.

The keys of this series are presented in the following color scheme:

  • 0050 - chrome satin
  • 0051 - chrome
  • 0052 - color white
  • 0054 - color black



  • Manufacturer: NKP
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Flush: large for 6 liters and small for 3 liters
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Button shape: oval
  • Color: Chrome satin, Chrome, White, Black
  • Key size: 260 x 167 x 13 mm
  • Country of origin: Turkey

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