Toilet seat Akdeniz 0300

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Toilet seat Akdeniz 0300

Toilet seat made of thermoplastic with lid Akdeniz NKP 0300.


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Seat Akdeniz 0300 from thermoplast is the most simple and modest model of a collection of products NKP. It has no additional functionality, but nevertheless, this is a great option for cottages and apartments.

Package contents:

  • seat
  • studs (2pcs)
  • decorative patch of plastic (2pcs)
  • nuts (2pcs)

In order for this model came on the largest possible number of toilets, the distance between fasteners is adjustable from 130-190 mm.

  • Material: thermoplast
  • Color: white
  • The presence of lifter: no
  • Width: 358 mm
  • Length: 409-437мм
  • Distance between mounts: 130-190 mm
  • Package dimensions: 39х58х47
  • Weight: 1.305 kg
  • Manufacturer: NKP
  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Guarantee: 2 years manufacturer's warranty

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