Toilet seat Nice 0400

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Toilet seat Nice 0400

Toilet seat of Duroplast with lid and lifter Nice NKP 0400.

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Toilet seat Nice 0400 ― made of durable Duroplast, which is characterized by its strength, durability and white color.

Package contents:

  • seat
  • studs Piglet stainless steel (2pcs)
  • rubber pads (2pcs)
  • nuts (2pcs)
  • lifter (2pcs)

This model is equipped with two functions: microlift (continuous lowering) and Quick Release (quick removal). The last function needed for easy and quick cleaning. On the back of the seat there is a button, double clicking which makes it easy to remove. In order to install accessory back need upright install it into the mounting hole until it clicks.

  • Material: the Duroplast
  • Color: white
  • The presence of microlift: Yes
  • Width: 365 mm
  • Length: 400-440 mm (adjustable through the movement of the mounting cups)
  • Adjustment fasteners: 112-175 mm
  • Package dimensions: 34х46х39
  • Weight: 2.183 kg
  • Manufacturer: NKP
  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Guarantee: 2 years (from manufacturer)

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