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Industrial tank with pedal

The high-strength garbage tank, with a volume of 50 liters and 70 liters, is made of AISI 430 stainless steel.


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The industrial tank with a pedal volume of 50 and 70 liters is an interesting model made of AISI 430 stainless steel with increased strength.

The peculiarity of this model:

  • large volume
  • thickened walls for wear resistance
  • stainless steel pedal and a special mechanism to increase the service life of the tank
  • the presence of additional suction cups for stability

All of the above points make this model indispensable in industrial enterprises, in the field of catering, at enterprises with high requirements for the combustibility of materials. A powerful pedal will allow you to quickly and easily open even such a heavy lid and easily throw garbage into the tank.

Scope of application: apartments and houses, hotels, offices, medical institutions, massage parlors, beauty salons, railway stations, airports, shopping centers, gas stations, service stations, industrial enterprises, factories, kitchens of restaurants and cafes, etc.

Type: tank
Type: with pedal and additional rubber feet
Application: for garbage
Volume: 50 and 70L
Dimensions: 50 l (size 40x47cm), 70 l (size 40x67cm)
Material: stainless steel AISI 430
Colour: chrome
Packaging: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
Article number: 4515

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