Office trash can with mesh

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Office trash can with mesh

The bucket is stainless steel, painted with polymer paint.


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Office trash can with mesh series 4505 – this is a great option for offices in a contemporary style, where the design does not fit the legacy version of plastic boxes.

The urn is made of stainless steel, because of this it is more durable and stylish in appearance.

Due to the structure of grid - odors from garbage does not accumulate, and erode. A paint bucket on top of steel polymer coating extends the service life of the bucket, and retains its shape even when fully inflated. No cap and pedals will allow you to quickly dispose of paper and other office trash, wasting no time on it.

The edges of the bins are well treated, so when using it, not to get cuts and scrapes.

The urn does not occupy much space, it can be installed under a Desk, and in the corner of the room.

  • height – 30 cm
  • diameter – 24 cm
  • the volume of 13.5 l

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