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Plastic trash can with lid

70 l plastic tank with removable lid on clips


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A 70-liter trash can with a lid and metal clips. It is used for collecting household waste.

Great for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The advantage of this tank is durable metal clips-locks, which create tightness and prevent debris from falling out of the bucket under unfavorable natural conditions or access of animals to the tank.  

A convenient plastic lid will allow you to quickly and securely cover the tank.

Tank dimensions: height 53 cm, diameter 54.5 cm, weight 2.25 kg.

  • Article number: TSK
  • TSK 107 is a blue tank, TSK 101 is a gray tank, TSK 104 is a red tank.
  • Volume: 70 L
  • Material - impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Sizes: height 53 cm, diameter 54.5 cm
  • Weight - 2.25 kg
  • WHOLESALE: 1 pallet=50 pcs
  • Manufacturer - Turkey


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