Plastic trash can with swivel lid

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Plastic trash can with swivel lid

a 90-liter rectangular tank with a rotary lid of the "buffet" type


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The trash can with a 90-liter swivel lid is made of high-strength plastic. It is used to collect food and other waste.

Great for outdoor and indoor use in kitchens or utility rooms.

The side handles will allow you to easily move the trash can to another place, and the strong swivel lid will help you easily and effortlessly throw out the trash without touching the tank lid.

Rectangular 90L garbage cans are available in blue, gray, red and black.
Frame size: height 87.5 cm, width 51.5 cm, weight 3.9 kg.

  • Article number: VSK
  • VSK 107 is a blue tank, VSK 101 is a gray tank
  • Volume: 90 L
  • Material - impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Sizes: height 87.5 cm, diameter 51.5 cm
  • Weight - 3.9 kg
  • WHOLESALE: 1 pallet=25 pcs
  • Manufacturer - Turkey

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