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Colored trash can with pedal

The outer bucket, and the pedal is made of durable stainless steel AISI 430, bucket has a rubberized base.


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Introducing the long-awaited novelty in our assortment – colored bins with pedal. They will be bright and functional accents in Your interior. Such buckets are suitable for bathrooms and gray offices. Available colors: black, red, white, pink and purple.

This model consists of: bucket with lid and foot pedal, internal container for garbage collection. The outer bucket, and the pedal is made of durable stainless steel AISI 430. The bucket has a rubberized foot pedal, which enables contactless cleaning up the mess. The lower base is rubberized so that the bucket did not slide on the floor. On the back cover there is a steel loop that allows you to lock the bucket chain to the wall.

Inside the bucket is a plastic container with a handle for collecting garbage, also it is possible to place a garbage bag. Buckets come in cardboard boxes, which allows not to damage them during transportation. Also for extra protection on the bucket caused PE-film which is easily removed prior to use.

Scope of application: apartments and houses, hotels, offices, medical facilities, restaurants and cafes, massage parlors, beauty salons, kindergartens and so on.

Type: bucket
Type: with lid and inner container
Application: trash
Volume: 3, 5, 12 l
Dimensions: 3 (diameter 21 cm and height 23 cm)
5L (21cm diameter and height 26 cm)
12L (diameter 25 cm and height 35 cm)
Material: stainless steel AISI 430
Color: black, white, red, pink, purple
Packing: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
SKU: 4501

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