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Urn-ashtray cylindrical bars

The ballot box-an ashtray made of stainless steel AISI 430, has a lid with holes to collect the ashes.


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The ballot box-an ashtray , cylindrical shape, designed for installation outdoors or indoors. It allows to collect not only the garbage, and cigarette butts and ashes. The urn will fit in the areas designated for Smoking.

The ballot box-an ashtray made of stainless steel AISI 430. It consists of: cylindrical boxes, top cover, bottom plate. Dish and lid are removable elements. Lid has holes for collecting ash, as it can put out a cigarette. "Plate" serves as a container for collecting the ashes, as well as a cover for a cylindrical bucket. To collect larger debris in the box is side opening. This allows you to separate the trash from cigarette butts that could ignite the debris. But even if that happens, with the product nothing will happen, as it is made of durable steel.

The urn easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and detergent. This model comes in boxes. On the very ballot box-an ashtray covered with the protective PE film. This allows you to save the product from scratches and damage during transportation.

Scope of application: water parks, hotels, shopping center, restaurants and cafes, casinos, offices, medical facilities, massage parlors, beauty salons and so on.

Type: bucket
Type: with grid
Application: for garbage, cigarette butts and ashes
Volume: 15 l
Dimensions: 15 l (diameter 26 cm and height 60 cm)
Material: stainless steel AISI 430
Color: chrome
Packing: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
SKU: 4513

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