Z-fold Towel Dispenser

plastic dispenser for paper towels for 300 pcs

from 240

from 240 uah
Wholesale price from 204 uah from 20 шт.

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Paper towel dispensers with internal extension are suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and offices. The capacity of paper towels is 300 pcs.

The dispenser has a locking device and fasteners. A transparent window on the front of the device helps to identify the remaining napkins in the dispenser.

Made of ABS plastic. The size of the dispenser and the color design will easily fit into any interior. Suitable for public places and private homes.

Dispenser Colors:

  • black, white, gray, chrome, transparent blue, transparent smoky.
  • *red and gold - to order.
  • Article number: ZHA-3 
  • ZHA-3 103 – black color, ZHA-3 100 - white color, ZHA-3 101 - gray color, ZHA-3 108 - transparent blue color, ZHA-3 109 - transparent smoky color, ZHA-3 200 - chrome color.
  • Capacity: 300 paper towels
  • Material - impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Overall dimensions (height X width X depth) - 280x260x90mm
  • Weight - 0.55 kg
  • WHOLESALE: 1 box = 20 pcs.
  • The presence of a lock - yes, without a key
  • Manufacturer - Turkey

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