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Dispenser for toilet paper

Dispensers for toilet paper are made of stainless steel AISI 430, is designed for Jumbo rolls.


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Dispensers for toilet paper – designed for Jumbo-coils, and, accordingly, suitable for use in places with high traffic of people.

Made with satin effect and made of stainless steel AISI 430. The dispenser has a circular shape. Diameter 27cm and the depth is 12cm.
It mounts on the wall for the three mounting holes. Compact size and convenient form suitable for installation even in small bathrooms. Manufactured in compliance with all requirements for such products. Distribution of paper goes on the bottom of the dispenser that protects the paper from water and dirt. To replace the coil need to open dispenser with key (included).

For protection against mechanical damage and from damage during transportation of the dispenser is covered with the protective PE film. The product comes in a box.
Scope of applicationI: hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, public toilets in the shopping centers, medical and educational institutions, gas stations, beauty salons and so on.

Intended use: dispenser for toilet paper
Mounting: wall
Color: satin chrome
Material: stainless steel AISI 430
Capacity: Jumbo roll
Hardware included: Yes
Key exists: Yes
Dimensions (DHG): 27х12 cm
Packing: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
SKU: 4923.2712 S. 430.00

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