Elbow dispenser for antiseptic

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Elbow dispenser for antiseptic

Wall-mounted dispenser made of plastic or stainless steel for antiseptic.


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The antiseptic dispenser is a necessary attribute in any public place with high hygiene requirements. The mechanism of operation eliminates the contact of the palm with the surface of the dispenser, which ensures complete hygiene. The liquid supply is carried out by a light push on the dispenser handle from above. The dispenser is designed to work with liquid and gel-like antiseptics in a bottle.

Scope of application:

  • hospitals, schools, cafes, restaurants, offices, public transport, shopping centers, hotels, gas stations, railway and air terminals.

HD.99.0000.PL Elbow plastic dispenser-made of ABS plastic. The color is white.
HD.99.0304.KR Elbow dispenser made of stainless steel-AISI 304 steel grade. Color chrome.

  • Height-21 cm
  • Width-8 cm
  • Volume - 1 l
  • Material: ABS plastic or AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Manufacturer: TM MaxiFlow (Turkey)

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