Toilet Paper Dispenser mini

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Toilet Paper Dispenser mini

Plastic toilet paper dispenser mini with side extension

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from 223 uah
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Toilet paper dispensers in mini rolls with side extension are made of ABS plastic. Impact-resistant ABS plastic provides high wear resistance and anti-vandalism.

The size of the dispenser and the color design will easily fit into any interior.

The central exhaust system provides a closed system, which guarantees hygienic selection of toilet paper and ideal indicators in economical material consumption.

Ideal for children's institutions and premises with a low level of visitors and with high hygiene requirements.

Dispenser Colors:

  • White, transparent blue, transparent smoky.
  • KTA 100 – white color, KTA 108 - transparent blue color, KTA 109 - transparent smoky color
  • Material - impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Overall dimensions (height X width X depth) - 215x200x135 mm
  • Weight - 0.394 kg
  • WHOLESALE: 1 box = 20 pcs.
  • The presence of a lock - yes, without a key
  • Manufacturer - Turkey

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