Accessory set VENUS 5+1

Set for the bathroom consists of: mirror, glass toothbrush holder, shelf for cosmetics, soap dish, towel holders and paper.


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Search for accessories in the bathroom? Want everything at once? We have a super option! This is a set of 5 1 from the Turkish manufacturer Maxiflow. It includes all the necessary accessories for the bathroom. Namely: mirror, glass for toothbrushes and toothpaste, a shelf for cosmetics, soap dish, towel holders and paper. It is thought all of the proper packaging and the stylish design. All components made in the same style, it's so convenient.

  • The mirror has a size of 40x50cm. All the fasteners for it are included.
  • Glass toothbrush holder made of frosted glass, holder made of stainless steel. It is attached to the wall at two mounting holes using the wall plugs (supplied).
  • Shelf for cosmetics are also made of frosted glass under the style of glass for brushes. On two sides it has stainless steel fasteners. Mounted on two bearing holes on each side to the wall.
  • Dish soap is also a wall element. Holder and ring made of stainless steel. Itself soap dish made of glass, in matte version. It is designed for hard bar soap. It is a removable element, which simplifies the removal of dirt.
  • Holders for toilet paper and paper towels made of stainless steel. Fixed to the wall at two mounting holes using the wall plugs (supplied). The paper towel holder is made in the form of a ring, to look stylish and outstanding. Holder for paper made in a classic hook-shaped form.

All the components look perfectly and complement each other. The set not only will last You for a long time, but also reduce the time in selection of accessories and their installation.

Scope of application:I: apartments and houses, hotels.

Purpose: set of accessories
Package contents: mirror, soap dish, glass holder, shelf, holders for toilet paper and paper towels
Mounting: wall
Color: chrome
Material: stainless steel, glass
Hardware included: Yes
Packing: cardboard box
Country of origin: Turkey
Brand: Maxiflow
SKU: AK.2203700P

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