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Drainage tray MEDIUM

Drainage trays belong to the load class B-up to 12.5 tons per 1 sq. m. and are equipped with grilles made of composite plastic, reinforced with carbon fiber.


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Drainage trays of the MEDIUM series belong to the load class B. The load is up to 12.5 tons per 1 sq. m.

The MEDIUM surface drainage system is similar to the STANDART 100 system, but the trays of this system are equipped with grilles made of composite plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. A powerful rib system gives the tray resistance to high loads.

Scope of application:

  • parking lots, garages, parking lots
  • roads with passenger transport traffic
  • territories of individual buildings
  • pedestrian zones, parks and gardens

When creating a drainage system on a flat surface, plastic channels of different heights from this series are used, i.e. the "cascade" system is used.

Due to the low depth of the trays, they can be used in any territories where it is almost impossible to install a deep channel.

Composite plastic provides the necessary structural strength and resistance to temperature and chemical influences, is not subject to corrosion, rotting and destruction. They perfectly resist damage from cars and clogging from leaves due to the special structure of the grid cells.

The tray has a formed hole for connecting pipes of 50 and 100 mm, a special groove for cutting the tray, a special groove for connecting other trays at an angle of 900.

The MEDIUM series is:
1. Plastic trays with a height of 85 to 195 mm
2. Plugs and plug adapters for trays
3. The grid is made of reinforced composite plastic.

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