PVC aerator

They are used on flat roofs together with PVC membranes.

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PVC aerators are used on flat roofs together with PVC membranes.

The main purpose is the dynamic removal of steam, which is formed between the floor plate and the membrane.

The special shape of the aerators and cups ensures constant ventilation of the roof system. They provide excellent resistance to destruction caused by the sun, ozone and other weather factors or chemicals commonly present in the atmosphere.

The aerator is very flexible even at low temperatures, due to the elasticity of the material. This ensures the preservation of mechanical and physical properties for a long time.

They are 100% compatible with factory-made synthetic PVC membranes!

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the aerator and the membrane near the place where the connector will be welded.

The ribbing at the bottom of the flange, the fast and safe attachment of the cup make the aerators the optimal solution for removing steam that is constantly formed between the stove and the waterproofing.

For the best result, we recommend installing 3-4 pieces for every 100 m2 of the roof.

  • Material: PVC
  • Code: MS1026
  • height: 300mm
  • outlet diameter: 75mm

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