Street ladder

The street ladder is designed to collect and drain rain and melt water from the outdoor drainage system into the sewer.


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The street ladder with a vertical exit of 110/125 mm is made of a mixture of PP/PE plastics, equipped with a hatch for cleaning under the pipes of external storm drains with a diameter of 50/75/90/100/110/125 mm.

The leaf catcher will prevent foreign objects from entering the sewer, and a non-freezing odor-locking device will block a possible unpleasant smell from the inside.

The composition of the street ladder:

1. Ladder body
2. Hatch for the pipe of external storm drains
3. Cleaning hatch
4. Leaf catcher
5. Odor-locking door

  • Color – black
  • Height – 324.5 mm
  • Width-169.5 mm
  • Length – 302.5 mm 
  • Weight-0.58 kg
  • Operating temperature: -25... 850C

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