Corner joints for PVC membranes

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Corner joints for PVC membranes

For mounting PVC membranes in the outer and inner corners.

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Corner joints made of PVC are used for convenient installation of a PVC membrane in the corners.

Corner elements provide excellent waterproofing and a good aesthetic appearance.

The elasticity of the material provides excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, which ensures the preservation of mechanical and physical properties over time.

They are 100% compatible with factory-made synthetic PVC membranes.

The inner angle is used to strengthen the inner corners. 
The outer corner is used to strengthen the outer corners.

Scope of application:

  • balconies
  • flat roofs
  • reservoirs
  • plinths
  • basements and swimming pools
  • Material: PVC
  • SKU: MS1054 inner corner
                      MS1055 outer corner
  • color: light gray
  • compatible with any brands of PVC roofing
  • outer corner diameter: 195mm
  • height 100 mm, width of the inner corner 135 mm

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