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The linear drainage with a wide variety of gratings for use in the private sector.


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The Light 100 drainage system is a linear drainage system designed specifically for use in the private sector and combines high quality materials with a wide selection of grilles. The height of the tray of this series is only 56 mm and it is perfect for objects where it is not possible to make a large depth for drainage.

The grid and the kana l meet all the requirements of the drainage surface and can be used in places with high and low traffic intensity.

The channel body and the grille are made of frost-resistant high-quality plastic (PE-PP).

It has a formed hole for connecting pipes ᴓ110mm for discharge through the bottom of the tray, a special groove for connecting other trays at an angle of 90 0 and a special groove for cutting the tray.

It is equipped with 2 types of gratings:

  • plastic (black or metallic)

Polypropylene grating with anti-slip coating. The mounting of the grate is screwless.

  • steel stamped galvanized grating (screwless fastening-snapping)



Scope of application:

  • drainage of stadiums, velodromes, bicycle paths, playgrounds
  • drainage of swimming pools and around the pool
  • drainage of terraces and summer areas of cafes and restaurants
  • areas with low traffic intensity – gardens, paths
  • places with strict architectural requirements


Installation guide for drainage trays


Length, mm

Width, mm

Height, mm

Weight, kg

 Light  100h56






  • Load class: A 15
  • Hydraulic cross-section: 100 mm
  • The channel system complies with the DIN EN 1433 standard
  • Additionally, you can purchase plugs for this series
  • Grilles: stamped galvanized steel or plastic
  • Plastic grating color: black or metallic

* price for the tray and plastic grate

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