Drainage funnel for PVC membranes

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Drainage funnel for PVC membranes

For connection to a vertical drain in the roof itself.

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Drainage funnels are used to connect to a vertical drain in the roof itself.

The convenient shape ensures quick and easy installation in downpipes.

A smooth flange at the top improves the welding of synthetic felt, while two rings on the rod ensure the waterproofness of the product and prevent overflow if water gets back into the downpipe.

Drainage funnels provide excellent resistance to destruction caused by the sun, ozone and other weather factors or chemicals usually present in the atmosphere. The elasticity of the material provides excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, which ensures the preservation of mechanical and physical properties over time.

Another advantage of PVC is its resistance to low temperatures (cold flexibility = - 40 ° C).

We recommend that you thoroughly clean the connector and the felt near the place where the connector will be welded.

  • Material: PVC
  • SKU: MS1048
  • diameter: 100mm
  • flange width: 320 mm
  • height: 300 mm

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