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Shower channel series TTrend Line

The channel size can be changed to the desired size with light pruning.


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An exclusive product, not like the others!

Shower trays series Trend Line (TDK 1100) can be used to install at the door of the shower cabin against the wall and in the middle.

These channels can be changed to the required size with light pruning.
Due to the unusual structure of the grates, shower channels of series Trend Line makes it easy to clean the dirt from under the grating. And installed in the middle cap-spiral collects fine hair and allows you to quickly clean the drain.

3 variations of siphon:

  • Horizontal, h= 60 mm, capacity 42 l/min (storage position)
  • Vertical, h= 30/80 mm, capacity 48 l/min (under order)
  • Horizontal h= 80 mm, capacity 60 l/min (under order)

The advantages of the series:

  • easy cutting to the desired length
  • aesthetic appearance
  • easy to clean, easy to remove top cover
  • simple installation with rotary siphon
  • large capacity siphon



  1. Drill the concrete floor using a drill for connection with the pipe for vertical outlet siphon. The ladder also in the middle area of the installation of the shower area.
  2. The horizontal outlet of a siphon connected with outlet pipe Dn=50 mm. Create a small bias in the direction of the ladder 1-2%. To the place where will be installed the grille, put a strip of foam to prevent the ingress of concrete during casting of the screed.
  3. After you pour the screed with the same accounting bias.
  4. On top of the membrane is applied in 2 layers of waterproofing layer for sealing the location of the ladder.
  5. Apply the adhesive to the tiles and placed around the shower channel tile.
  6. After laying the tiles must be cut off the bars of the shower channel at required size grinder.
  7. Install the grille to the housing ladder and setting up the trap the hair.


  • plug with grid to collect the hair in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • a lattice of stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm
  • the main flange in polypropylene with membrane for insulation
  • S-shaped siphon compromisedby of polypropylene: production of horizontal pipe 50mm, swivel 360º



Length: 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm
Grid width: 44 mm

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