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Shower channels series Slim Line

An elegant solution for bathrooms, balconies and terraces.


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Shower channels series Slim Line this slim, well-thought-out design and technological capabilities of shower channels.

Will fit perfectly in any interior.

This model differs from all other shower drain channels with a width of only 24mm! And length – from 60cm to 3M.

In this series there are 3 types of grids:




Types of siphons:

  1. Horizontal output, h=60cm, capacity 42 l/min (storage position)
  2. Vertical output, h=30/80cm, capacity 48 l/min (under order)
  3. Horizontal output, h=80cm, capacity 60 l/min (under order)

The siphon can be placed in the center tray or on the side.


The advantages of this series:

  • unlimited design for bathrooms and terraces
  • width is 24mm
  • easy to clean thanks to easily removable grille
  • solid metal case with stainless steel – excellent for tough conditions and high speeds of water flow
  • rotary syphon 3600 and stable legs make it easy to perform installation
  • design of the drainage gutter can be cut to the size required;

Main coating color:

  • brushed chrome
  • chrome gloss
  • gold luster


grating, trench drain and plug stainless steel

  • hair net plastic
  • mounting plugs – foam
  • height adjustable mounting feet
  • compromisei S shaped trap made of polypropylene


  1. To make measurements of the working area of the shower pan
  2. Push the stub to the desired length, trim off the excess length
  3. Fasten the plugs with the mounting screws
  4. Connect the mounting feet and the siphon with the base of the tray, set to the desired height
  5. Attach the mounting legs to the floor, connect the tray to a drain pipe
  6. Make a screed, having a minimum slope of 1%
  7. Apply to dry screed waterproofing layer pre-taped the drain hole construction or installation tape
  8. After laying the tiles, remove the tape and install the front panel. If necessary, trim the length



Width: 24mm.
Length: 60, 80, 100 cm (for grids Norma).
100, 200, 300 cm (for grids Natura Linea).

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